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Use Your Own Someone Else's Computer

I haven’t been able to post on my blog in a minute and I’ve definitely found a new appreciation for having it. My website is my robot. It can present, calculate, store, connect, and otherwise work for me while I’m, well, not doing that stuff. For me, this is something that has begun to really matter as my [Twitch stream]( has become more popular, sometimes requiring all of my resources. I wouldn’t be able to really sustain without a website of my own, unless I wished to be completely absorbed by something like the network I broadcast on, or the chat program I use. It’s simply not possible to create an environment that supports the user without an “environment” (a computer) that belongs to the user.

Many people neglect to realize that the entirety of their personal photos, for instance, is hosted, for free, by Google. Some people seem to not even realize that storage is a fundamental part of a computer anymore. Backups are afterthoughts. It’s as if people think there really is space enough in the wires of the Internet to allow for storage of information within them — there isn’t. I'm reminded of a sticker you should buy.

Without a space of my own on the Internet I have nowhere to work, play, or communicate with others that isn’t being provided by someone else, and that means I’m either trading some of my own peace of mind or creativity for something as simple as getting an email, for example. Trying to subsist on what’s provided for free, that is, not having a web-facing computer of your own, ends up being a lot like going to the grocery store and deciding “Nah, I don’t need a basket this time. I’m only getting a few things.” Before long you are having to set everything down somewhere that’s less than ideal, walk all the way to the front, get a basket and just hope that no one disturbs the items you selected in the process.