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US Women's Open closes and National Open begins

Well, the Las Vegas International Chess Festival has so far been very refreshing. The US Women's Open was a tough first-tournament-in-ten-years for me. I finished with 2.5 points. Which didn't quite place as there were so many ties for the first five places. I lost to a player rated 1700 and drew with three players rated around 1300. But, upon analysis these -- all kids -- players were certainly underrated. Everybody is playing so much online chess that we have expert level -- I lichess -- players showing up to tournaments with OTB ratings of 1300.

I haven't been able to stream from the Flamingo as their Internet is uploading like it's 1999. But I have made a few supplemental videos which, since not live, have been uploaded to my Twitch. If they have a theme it's sleep deprivation. I showed up sleepy and continue to suffer a lacking.

Like doing the Womens Open in two days wasn't busy enough I also played the first round of the National Open tonight. I was paired with a tough player. I blundered, then came up with an interesting enough plan it drew a crowd. Anthony He was a piece for a pawn up. So I traded pieces and steered the game into an endgame. I traded rooks, then my last bishop for one of his two knights, leaving it knight and bishop versus knight.

I planned to trade down as many pawns as possible hoping to leave them with a useless bishop and pawn to draw the game. When he saw this and steered away I tried to sacrifice my knight for the rest of his pawns leaving him to force mate with a knight and bishop. When he saw this and steered away I resigned. I must say that while I enjoyed my playing I certainly didn't my opponent's. He gave me a look of detest when we shook hands to begin the game. He constantly fidgeted and looked anywhere but the board. All of this behavior just seemed childish and rude. My fellow women players were sporting and mature and mostly less than 10 years-old.

Let's hope for some better behavior. And let's also hope that all the men stop clearing their throats so much. Please, guys?