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One Young Old Lady

Lately I've looked around myself and found striking evidence that I might be an old lady. I walk with a cane. I have sciatica. I'm on a lot of medicine. I'm on medicine because of medicine I'm on -- "metacine"? I have a spoiled dog and we live in an RV with an interior straight out of the Golden Girls. I drive a 1985 Mercedes. And I actually kind of like tea.

I have lot's of supplies for dealing with pain, medication and forgetfulness: TENS machine, canes, special pillows, pill organizers, pill cutters, lidocaine patches, ointments, syringes, the list goes on. This is all right and good but I'm thirty. Not only that, I'm a young thirty. So, when I come in with a cane people really notice.

I'm a young old lady and I intend to share what that's like with you through this blog. Of course, I share a lot of what a lot is like on this blog and we don't want total abject categorical chaos, so young-old-lady is a category of post now. In these posts I'll review products (including medicine), anecdotes, designs, knowledge, thoughts, and respond to questions.