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Oh Yea, I Stream Chess On Twitch

I recently began streaming myself on Twitch playing chess on lichess it's really been a great experience so far. I'm not usually able to socially connect with so many people; to have something in common with them. But, with chess, I do. I suppose thats why my fourteen-year-old-self found so much solice in the chess club and the coffee shops other players frequented.Thats how I learned to play. I suppose that now that I've been learning and growing again I've both never been so old and so young -- if you'll tolerate my chessy romanticism. For, it's more than a decade later but I've never been so mentally and physically healthy.

For example, I used to smoke at least a pack a day. Before I quit two years agoe I was smoking American Spirit -- not an inexpensive brand at all --

It's only been a few weeks of streaming and already it's been a transformative experience. People are much kinder than I had suspected especially when it comes to my tendancy to emotionally overreact and throw tempertantrums.