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My First Tru Hotel

I really didn’t expect a place that’s listed as competitive with La Quinta to be so nice. Coming here from Home2 — one of Hilton’s other rethought hotels geared towards suites and extended stays — me and my boyfriend didn’t know what to expect from a Tru. But we adore Home2 so how bad could another Hilton product be? Not bad at all it turns out.

Tru offers a very modern, dorm-like experience. The common areas have lot’s of space for meeting, working, and playing! It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a pool table in a hotel lobby, or a chess set silk-screened onto outside tabletops. There’s a gas fire pit, palatable modern furniture (none of which was velvy!). It’s so nice and accommodating downstairs that you start to wonder where Hilton makes money, or rather, how on earth is this competing with La Quinta?

The answer is clear when you get to your room. It’s smaller than usual. That’s it. That’s the margin. So you get a very accommodating and professional building to meet or play in, and a sort-of dorm-room to “crash” as the young people say. Don’t worry, it’s equipped with a TV about as big as the room. It has USB outlets on every AC receptacle. And it has a lot of AC receptacles. The shower is a modern, non-bathtub shower with glass door. The mirror has makeup lights along it’s sides. It’s just as modernized as the common areas but smaller than most other hotels’ rooms of the same price range.

Aside from restricting space it seems Hilton relies on innovation, not deprivation, to solve problems. This is evidenced for one in the soap dispensers, which I had never seen. They’re squeeze soap dispensers: a bottle of soap, a bracket to hold it, and a hand to squeeze the bottle. The closet is part of the room, reminiscent of some Japanese space-saving deigns. The only door is to the bathroom, and it works. Home2 has pocket-doors that have proven problematic. Me and Charley figure Hilton learned their lesson and opted not to use them in Tru.

It’s a smart, fun hotel that I hope beats the pants off their competitors. I’m tired of the old, out-dated hospitality models and am ready for more Trus and Home2s to sprout up.