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UPDATED: Let's Decentralize World Chess

UPDATE: After a minimal amount of research I’ve found that blockchain is not the best technique for decentralizing the chess rating system. I've also updated the Git repository. Instead, SCP, Stellar Consensus Protocol, seems like a terrific choice for this task. It even sounds similar to chess. Nodes trust important nodes and wait for a significant quorum to tell if the transaction is correct like when there’s a questionable game in the club and all the grandmasters come over to analyze it; players wait for a quorum of these important players. Current clubs, federations, and players can all be nodes in this Stellar Chess Consensus Protocol network.

This morning I opened this. to read some news which is only too familiar regarding the status of FIDE, the international chess organization. In case you didn't know, FIDE is basically run by the Kremlin now, ever since they installed their oligarch, Arkady, FIDE has been taking steps to mask the goingson there. Unsurprisingly, the formal decisions are made behind closed doors now. Salaries for players have been cut. And, actual guns-butter-and-babies politics now intersect a board game. I can't stand it anymore. I have to speak up. We don't have to take this. Not at all. We don't need a central authority to oversee the game of chess in order for us to play fair tournaments, matches, or even have ratings! Now is the time for a truly "free" solution:

I think that chess players everywhere should be able to use a decentralized, distributed ledger wherein every transaction carries a copy of the ledger's state before that transaction and some sort of proof-of-work: a blockchain. Just as this method has changed finances by allowing parties to make transactions and contracts without needing trust, certainly it can enable the chess world to compete without the bias and overhead of a third-party.

Now, a proof-of-work algorithm, the posting system, etc. isn't something I just have worked out and ready to go -- but I do have a few ideas. I could definitely use help making this happen. I mean, if this were to happen, everyone would be "helping" themselves whenever their rating changes. This is why I've created Git repository: to facilitate the creation of a decentralized, universal chess rating/tournament system.