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I Swoon For DIPs

I took to fooling around with my boyfriend's IKBC New Poker II prgrammable, mechanical keyboard today, I've loved micro-switches for a loooong time, even before I knew what they were, and instead just thought of them as the type of buttons on my fancy Chronos chess clock. The sound, the feel, the certainty of having completed the keystroke; all of this makes them great for timers where a single button-press might really, really matter. Nothing says 'your turn" like that 'clik-clak' -- chess players might recall that player who likes to press it twice, just to be sure.

It's a 60% keyboard. I've never had great luck with these because of the difficulty of engaging the 6 paging and arrow keys. So, I switched out the Fn,W,S, and D keys for some of the blank blue keys that cmme with another IKBC keyboard. Much to my surprise the replacement keys weren't all the same size, with sizes "R1" and "R4" molded into their undersides (I guess the R is for "row"). I'm thinking this will help eliminate the awkward little moment I have when I go to engage the arrow function with the Fn key. This way, everything is blue. Searching is supposed to be a resource intensive action. I remember this from effeciency research. Perhaps this will make the 60% workable.

I wanted to program the CAPS as ESC. There isn't an option for this but there is for CNTRL. I suppose it's possible to setup CTRL as your escape key like ESC is in Vim. I don't know for sure. But I do know that right now I have it so if it's in Pn mode (CNTRL + right SHIFT) CAPS will act as escape. And this allows me to work with Vim commands without my fingertips leaving the home row. The only problem with working like this is that the left SPACE light is always on :/