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I have glasses on the way that contain a prism. They have to be specially made and that means I'm wearing an eye patch until Friday, when those precious shining testaments to technology arrive.

The eyepatch is quite a misunderstood thing. It looks so innocent. It is portrayed so innocently. I suppose many of us assume we can play a pretty loose hand with our eyes as we have two of them afterall. But we don't have two eyes we rather have one set of eyes. A cast or a wheelchair communicates more misery than does an eyepatch. Or, rather, it did until I had to wear one. In truth the loss of vision carries not only a loss of trust in one's environment but also an extension of this mistrust onto society in general. It's easy to become bitter spending even a few days behind an eyepatch.

It's more or less impossible to read. As soon as I begin reading or looking at my computer my vision diverges into two separate images that run away from each other in an explosion of confusing blindness. I love reading and working on my computer. I also love drawing and that is just as effected :( I'm really holding out for Friday; for those glasses!

Helping me to hold out has been all the awesomness that is/has been my life lately. I've got a great partner who is very thoughtful. I live in an wonderful city with caring people. And my doctor has been making some solid progress on my arthritus. I'm streaming chess on through I visited my parents. This is a busy Fall.