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Bay Bridge Barges

Have you driven west on the Bay Bridge lately? Have you noticed those six barges that are parked, or rather “moored”, north of the bridge; to your right as you drive west. Do you know what they are for? Are they part of the aftermath of the government shutdown? I did first notice them around that time. Do shipping mega-corps just leave shit in the Bay? What are they?

More importantly, how do we find out? Me and my boyfriend struggled to come up with a way to figure it out. Those barges, that world, it seems so distant from us. Especially with the massive, looming cargo cranes that seem to be peaking up, like a herd of giant deer; the Bay is alien and, literally, awesome. So, like all alien things, I'm curious what it holds. There are no markings readily readable on the vessels. They’re more like tiny islands or icebergs. So, what do you even query for? What, do you search Google for "What are those bargges in the Bay?" Well, I did that and came up empty so I wrote this article.

So, I call the coast guard and simply ask: “Hey, what’s the deal with them barges?” After some paper rustling the exceptionally kind and professional man helping me — seriously, nice guy — spoke up “It’s a mooring station for construction of the bridge itself... It’s basically a parking lot.”

Nothing exciting, just a place to put extra stuff. But I do find it pretty neat that there is a team of people dedicated to knowing where and what shit is in the Bay. I just wish I could find them on the damn Internet. :)